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PRESS RELEASE: Superministry staff to work at Standard desks


Estonia’s leading furniture manufacturer, Standard AS, has supplied and installed furniture in the new building complex shared by several ministries on Suur-Ameerika Street in Tallinn. A total of about 1,000 workstations have been delivered, with 60 conference rooms and other common facilities furnished as well. Standard won the public tender for the best furnishing solution and is now the sole interior supplier in the two adjacent towers of the new superministry complex.

Gallery of superministry furniture solutions:


“Standard delivered to the superministry complex a total of 5,000 furniture units, including over 1,000 different chairs for meetings, conferences and such, 500 armchairs and sofas, more than 30 acoustically sealed conversation booths and so on,” said Martin Kull, Head of the Office Furniture Division at Standard AS. “This is one of the largest furniture tenders in the public sector in recent years. The total cost of the tender contracts amounted to 1,022,985 euros.”

“With the chosen interior solutions the new superministry is now undoubtedly the most innovative public sector office building complex in Estonia. For example, half of the ordered workdesks have electrical height adjustment. The state is certainly setting a fine example of investing into workplace health arrangements,” noted Martin Kull. “The carefully planned furniture selection, acoustic products and layout will negate noise issues that inevitably occur in big offices and have an adverse effect on labour productivity.”

“Furthermore, the Ministry of Social Affairs has decided to retire the conventional office system for the sake of the increasingly popular free workplace environment, pioneering this approach in the Estonian public sector,” added Martin Kull.

The ergonomic sit/stand table installed at the superministry foster better concentration, prevent development of back problems and stimulate work output. To ensure availability of really quiet areas in addition to secluded conference rooms, sound-damping partition walls and standalone booths have been installed for private phone conversations.

By assembling several previously situated at different locations ministries into one complex of buildings with a modern ergonomic and energy-efficient working environment the state intends to make savings on running costs. All common facilities, such as the convention hall, the computer class, and the (press) conference rooms will be shared by the ministries. The superministry complex has a total of 16,000 square metres of office space.

Standard AS ( is based on Estonian capital and is one of the leading providers of office and hotel interior solutions in the Baltic States. Over 70% of Standard’s sales comprise of export goods shipped to the other Baltic States, Scandinavia, Western Europe and other regions of the world. Standard employs 214 people.

Additional information:
Martin Kull, Standard AS, Head of the Office Furniture Division
Phone: +372 650 9300