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PRESS RELEASE: Standard furnished new ABB office with 400 workplaces


Estonian office and contract furniture manufacturer Standard has provided furnishings for the newly opened ABB business service centre in Tallinn, including workplaces for 400 people and 16 meeting rooms with electrical and multimedia solutions. This is one of the biggest office furnishing projects in Estonia in 2016.

“What we’re seeing on the office space market in Estonia at the moment is a clear sign that our companies are doing well again,” said Martin Kull, head of the office furnishing division of Standard AS. “Companies are making bolder choices and they’re ready to invest more in the working environment. And the volume of office space is growing, which means more work for furniture manufacturers.”

Bo Henriksson, director of ABB in the Baltic States, says that Standard has been a trusted partner to the company for many years. “Furnishing an office for hundreds of workers with office furniture and solutions that meet modern requirements must be a huge challenge, but Standard has fulfilled the task,” says Bo Henriksson.

Kull says that compared to the prior years, a lot more emphasis is being placed on well-being, ergonomics and acoustics when furnishing offices today. “People have obviously started to grasp the fact that the furniture and equipment we work with have a significant impact on efficiency and the number of days people fall ill and stay at home,” he remarked.

In this regard, Kull adds, the new ABB office is one of the most outstanding examples ever seen in Estonia. “We’re talking about the biggest office space in the country, in which every employee is using an ergonomic, electrically adjustable desk,” he explained. “You can work at it either sitting or standing, which helps improve concentration, boosts productivity and prevents back problems.”

The ABB service centre is spread over a number of floors in the new ‘Öpik’ office building in Ülemiste City. It is spacious and bright, the fabrics used on the partition screens and chairs adding some colour to the Scandinavian-style white furniture. Thought has also been given to preventing acoustic issues in the large, open-plan office, with partition screens made from industrial felt and other sound-dampening solutions being used. The interior design of the office is done by of Annela Laanes.


The Estonian-owned Standard AS ( is one of the leading providers of office and hotel furnishing solutions in the Baltic States. More than 70% of its sales comprise exports to Latvia and Lithuania, Scandinavia, Western Europe and further afield. It employs 211 people.

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