The products of AS Standard have a two-year warranty. The warranty period shall commence since the next day after the day the product was given over to the Buyer. Warranty shall be valid on the condition that the assembly instructions were followed when the Product was mounted, the Product has been used for its intended purposes and handled in accordance with the handling instructions.


To execute the rights arising out of the warranty, the Buyer has to inform AS Standard about defects that have occurred during the warranty period during reasonable time (2 month) by submitting a written reclamation. The name of the defective Product or the name of the components of the defective Product and the description of the fault must be shown in the reclamation. The delivery note received from the Seller or other document proving the purchase of the Product must accompany the reclamation.


You can download reclamation form from here.


Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the Product. Warranty does not cover the differences in the texture of wood and in tones of the Products covered by natural veneer.


Warranty does not cover the following:
- if the furniture is repaired by the Buyer or a third person without AS Standard previous written permission during the warranty period,
- the furniture has been amended with components not permitted by AS Standard,
- if the furniture is damaged due to its improper handling, storage or transport.


During the warranty period, AS Standard will repair or replace all defective details or products as soon as possible (not later than 60 calendar days as of the date the reclamation was received).
Warranty conditions that apply to new products apply also to the replaced and repaired Products.
Warranty shall not exclude or limit the right of the Buyer to use other legal protection means arising out of legislation or the Contract.


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