Chairs use and maintenance

Using the chairs

  • Warranty is valid upon intended use of the chairs and with consideration that the chair is used max 8 hours per day.
  • The working chair needs to be adjusted according to user's weight and ergonomics before it is used. Adjusting the chair correctly ensures comfortable and dynamic sitting:
    • Use the whole depth of the seat cushion.
    • Adjust the chair to the correct height – knees are a bit lower than hips and the sitting angle of the knees is correct.
    • Armrest must at height that does not force the sitter to raise shoulders when leaning to them.
    • Chairs with the swing mechanism must have the swing position adjusted according to the weight of the user.
  • The fixing and adjusting screws of the chair must be tightly closed, slacks in fixing details may cause deformation. Fixing and adjustment screws of the chair must be periodically tightened, at least once a year.
  • Please avoid sharp and any other injuring objects hitting the chair, this may damage plastic and polyurethane details.
  • To avoid deformation of chairs, please do not:
    • Step or suddenly jump onto the chair.
    • Let others adjust the chair.
    • Move with chairs against walls, furniture or other objects.
    • Bend or pull incorrectly the lever mechanisms of the chair.


Chair maintenance

  • Exterior and durability of sitting furniture depends on maintenance and its quality. Maintenance frequency depends on terms and conditions of usage.
  • Clean the chair covering as frequently as possible using a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush.
  • Leather surfaces should be cleaned with a soft cloth foreseen for leather surfaces. Cleaning materials and substances must not contain abrasive components.
  • We recommend to use maintenance products available on the market for dry washing furnishing fabric and leather furniture; follow the using instruction of the respective products.
  • When wet washing is necessary, we recommend to use the cleaning services of suitable registered companies.
  • Use moist cloth to clean plastic surfaces; pure water is usually enough to remove most common stains. In case washing with water does not end with desired result, lukewarm water and detergent for PVC surfaces with pH ≤ 9.5 may be used.
  • Usage of the following substances is strictly forbidden: acetone, methanol, chloride, etc.